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Profiling floats are providing unprecedented sampling of the global oceans through the international Argo program and others. Sea-Bird offers several products for autonomous profiling. Sea-Bird offers a CTD for integration with floats from a number of float manufacturers, as well as several floats for CTD and Biogeochemical (BGC) applications.

See the following for more details on profiling floats:

A versatile platform for measuring the apparent optical properties of the ocean and designed to interchange Sea-Bird Scientific's hyperspectral or multispectral optical sensors.
The Deep SUNA nitrate sensor is the ultimate solution for monitoring nitrate concentrations with AUVs in deep ocean environments to 2000 m.
The Sea-Bird Scientific SeaOWL UV-A™ SLC introduces a new in-situ oil-in-water sensor specifically designed for integration into the Teledyne Webb Research Slocom glider.
Based upon the highly successful WET Labs’ ECO sensor, Sea-Bird Scientific has developed an industry leading detection technology creating a 5X optical resolution improvement over its predecessor.
ECO FL fluorometers measure fluorescence from chlorophyll-a, CDOM, uranine, rhodamine, and phycoyanin and phycoerythrin.
The puck is a miniature version of the popular Environmental Characterization Optics (ECO) series sensors built for OEM applications.
FLBBCD is designed for float applications offering a 2000 meter depth rating.
SBE 41 Argo CTD for Autonomous Profiling Floats
Autonomous profiling CTD for Argo and other programs, supplying more than 90% of the annual Argo program floats.
Designed for extremely fast sampling rate in above-water measurements of ocean colour using Sea-Bird Scientific's multispectral or hyperspectral digital optical sensors.
The c-Rover 2000 is an optical transmissometer designed for long-term deployment aboard profiling floats.
Autonomous profiling float for Argo and other programs, with Sea-Bird CTD. Sufficient power for 300 CTD profile cycles to 2000 dbars.
Autonomous profiling float for Argo and other programs, with Sea-Bird CTD and Dissolved Oxygen sensor, integrated WET Labs MCOMS fluorometer/backscattering sensor, and multiple optional bolt-on sensors. Sufficient power for 250 CTD profile cycles to 2000 dbars (excluding optional sensors).
Autonomous profiling float for Argo and other programs, with Sea-Bird CTD, Dissolved Oxygen sensor, integrated WET Labs ECO-MCOMS fluorometer/backscattering sensor and Sea-Bird Scientific Float Deep SeaFET™ pH sensor. The Float Deep SeaFET adapts the field-tested MBARI/SIO/Honeywell Deep-Sea DuraFET technology to measure pH on the Navis BGCi float.
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