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AUVs, ROVs, Towed, Gliders

Sea-Bird manufactures a number of instruments that can be easily integrated with AUVs, ROVs, towed vehicles, and gliders.

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The Environmental Characterization Optics (ECO) series of sensors incorporates a common set of options with a single basic design to make them ideal for a wide variety of deployments. The ECO NTU and ECO FLNTU provide excellent precision, reliability and overall performance at a fraction of the cost and size of similar instruments.
The SUNA V2 UV nitrate sensor is the ultimate chemical-free solution for autonomous monitoring of nitrogen-based nutrient concentrations in ocean, estuarine, and high turbidity freshwater environments to 500 m.
SBE 9plus
Premium profiling Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure, eight channels for auxiliary sensors, interface for dual C & T sensors, with 24 Hz sampling. Primary oceanographic research tool chosen by world's leading institutions.
The Deep SUNA nitrate sensor is the ultimate solution for monitoring nitrate concentrations with AUVs in deep ocean environments to 2000 m.
ECO FL fluorometers measure fluorescence from chlorophyll-a, CDOM, uranine, rhodamine, and phycoyanin and phycoerythrin.
The Triplet is a a special-order, three-optical-sensor instrument available in a user-defined configuration. The Triplet addresses the need for multiple simultaneous scattering and fluorescence sensors for autonomous and unattended measurement platforms.
Conductivity, Temperature, and Pressure at 16 Hz. No memory or internal power; intended for use on vehicles that can supply power and acquire data.
Glider Payload CTD with Pump
Measures conductivity, temperature, and pressure, and optionally, dissolved oxygen. Modular, low-power profiling instrument for autonomous gliders.
Based upon the highly successful Sea-Bird Scientific ECO sensor, Sea-Bird Scientific has developed an industry leading detection technology creating a 5X optical resolution improvement over its predecessor.
The Sea-Bird Scientific SeaOWL UV-A™ SLC introduces a new in-situ oil-in-water sensor specifically designed for integration into the Teledyne Webb Research Slocom glider.
The puck is a miniature version of the popular Environmental Characterization Optics (ECO) series sensors built for OEM applications.
The c-Rover 2000 is an optical transmissometer designed for long-term deployment aboard profiling floats.
WET Labs' UBAT is designed to measure mechanically stimulated bioluminescence in both coastal and oceanic systems from 0–600 m in depth.
SBE 39plus - just a few of the configuration choices
Temperature and (optional) Pressure, at user-programmable intervals. Internal memory and battery pack, RS-232 and USB interface. Configurations with internal or external thermistor, external connector, pressure.
The SBE 61 Deep Argo CTD is designed for deployments to 7000 m on Argo floats.
SBE 50 Digital Oceanographic Pressure Sensor
Pressure measurements at 16 Hz. RS-232 interface; optional voltage output. No memory or batteries; intended for use on vehicles that can supply power and acquire data.
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