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WETStar Fluorometer

The WETStar fluorometer provides breakthrough performance for detecting various types of fluorescence. It uses a central axial optical tube to provide efficient signal output.

The meter has a unique flow tube design that lends itself to both pump-through and flow-through operation. It's power input of 7–15 VDC and 0–5 VDC analog output allow it to easily mate with existing CTD packages.

These miniature, low cost, low power optical instruments provide comparable performance to other fluorometers at a fraction of their cost, power requirements, and size. WETStar employs a novel optical flow tube design that lends itself to both pumpthrough and flow-through operation. It is easily mated with existing CTD packages and available with digital output.

Chlorophyll-a fluorescence is an indicator of active phytoplankton biomass and chlorophyll concentrations. This measurement is used for tracking biological variability and abundance in the water column.

Uranine (fluorescein) & Rhodamine:
Used as dye to study hydraulic connections and water transport mechanisms.

Allows measurement of the red pigment in cyanobacteria.



Diameter 6.9 cm
Length 17.1 cm
Weight in air 0.8 kg
Weight in water 0.1 kg



Input voltage 7–15 VDC
Output, digital 0–4095 counts
Output, analog 0–5 V
Current draw, digital 80 mA
Current draw, analog  40 mA
Response time, digital 0.125 sec
Response time, analog 0.17 sec
Connector MCBH6MP


Temperature range 0 to 30 deg C
Depth rating  600 m



ex/em: 460/695 nm
Sensitivity 0.03 µg/L
Range 0.03-75 µg/L
CDOM     ex/em: 370/460 nm
Sensitivity    0.100 ppb QSD*
Ranges    0–100, 0–250 ppb
ex/em: 485/530 nm
Sensitivity 1 µg/L
Range 0-4000 µg/L
ex/em: 470/590 nm
ex/em: 525/575 nm
Linearity (all) 99% R2


* The CDOM in the WETStar is not calibrated to CDOM, but rather QSD, which has historically been used to establish theresponse and sensitivity of fluorometers usedin CDOM fluorescence applications. Refer to Product Manual for more explanation.

The list below includes (as applicable) the current product brochure, manual, and quick guide; software manual(s); and application notes.

Title Type Publication Date PDF File
WETStar Datasheet Product Datasheet Friday, September 8, 2017 PDF icon datasheet-wetstar.pdf
WETStar Fluorometer User Manual Product Manual Wednesday, January 31, 2018 PDF icon WETStara.pdf
AN41: Calculating Calibration Coefficients for WETStar Fluorometer Application Notes Friday, May 13, 2011 PDF icon appnote41May11.pdf

What should I use to lubricate the contacts on bulkhead connectors?

WET Labs recommends keeping the connectors on your meter lubricated using a good quality silicone spray lubricant, such as 3M Silicone Spray or Loctite 8021 spray. These can be purchased at your local hardware store. Avoid silicone grease. It is messy and attracts contaminants.

Do not use WD-40. It will destroy connectors.

What is the input voltage range for my instrument?