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SeatermAF© is a terminal program for setup and data upload of Sea-Bird instruments that include Auto-Fire capability for operating a water sampler autonomously on non-conducting cable. SeatermAF is part of our Seasoft V2 software suite.

SeatermAF© Features

SeatermAF interfaces with Sea-Bird instruments that include Auto-Fire capability for operating a water sampler autonomously on non-conducting cable:

  • SBE 17plus V2 Searam used with an SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler and an SBE 9plus CTD
  • Carousel Auto Fire Module (AFM) used with an SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler and an SBE 19 (older product), 19plus (older product), or 19plus V2 SeaCAT Profiler CTD; SBE 25 (older product) or 25plus Sealogger CTD *, SBE 50 Digital Oceanographic Pressure Sensor, or with no CTD
  • SBE 55 ECO Water Sampler (which has built-in auto fire capability) used with an SBE 19 (older product), 19plus (older product), or 19plus V2 SeaCAT Profiler CTD, SBE 25 (older product) or 25plus Sealogger CTD *, or with no CTD

*Note: SBE 25plus CTD is not compatible with SeatermAF versions < 2.0c.

SeatermAF can send commands to an instrument to provide status display, data acquisition setup, data upload, and diagnostic tests. Data uploaded with SeatermAF can typically be processed with the post-processing software in Seasoft V2 (SBE Data Processing).

There is no manual for SeatermAF, but its use is covered in the instrument manuals (17plus V2, AFM, and SBE 55) and in SeatermAF's Help menu.

SeatermAF was designed to work with a PC running Windows 7/8/10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit systems).

If you discover reproducible bugs in SeatermAF, please document the steps taken to achieve them and send a report to We welcome any suggestions for new features and enhancements.

SeatermAF© 2.14

September 17, 2013
File SeatermAF_V2_1_4.exe for Windows 7/8/10

The Revision History describes each version of software -- including bug fixes, modifications, and new features. You may not need the latest version; our revisions often include improvements and new features which may have little or no impact on your operation. Review this site regularly to view the latest changes.

SeatermAF Version 2.1.4
17 September 2013


  1. Update default location of .psa, .ini, and .txt diagnostics files for compliance with more operating systems.

SeatermAF Version 2.1.3
04 February 2013


  1. Add ability to open .ini file from old SeatermAF (< version 2.0) and convert it to .psa setup file for use with SeatermAF V2 (File menu - Open old configuraton file (.ini) from SeatermAF < 2.0).
  2. Add Header Form information to .psa setup file.
  3. Add Configure Header Form button on Upload & Header Options tab in Configuration Options dialog box. This allows you to access Header Form from dialog box as well as from Configure menu (Configure - Header Form).

SeatermAF Version 2.1.2 Beta
14 January 2013


  1. Fix 19plus V2 upload timing issue.

SeatermAF Version 2.1.1 Beta
05 December 2012


  1. Add feature to prompt user for header information for uploaded XML data file from SBE 25plus.

SeatermAF Version 2.1.0 Beta
10 August 2012


  1. Rebuilt with new installer.

SeatermAF Version 2.0f Beta
07 June 2012


  1. Added Connect CTD button on Toolbar (and Connect CTD in Communications menu). This allows customer to view CTD data being transmitted to AFM or ECO after logging is started, to verify proper functioning before system is deployed.


  1. 25plus: Corrected bug related to upload of 25plus data at low baud rates.
  2. Stationary logic: Corrected bug in programming stationary logic's time to hold in pressure window.

SeatermAF Version 2.0d Beta
23 May 2012


  1. SBE 25plus: If upload fails or is cancelled, SeatermAF V2 sends Escape character to CTD to interrupt.

SeatermAF Version 2.0c Beta
22 May 2012


  1. SeatermAF was completely rewritten to provide better functionality and user interface.
  2. Compatibility with new CTD, SBE 25plus, was added.

SeatermAF Version 1.25
13 December 2010


  1. SBE 17plus V2 Searam: SeatermAF did not properly save and program the bottle closure pressure for the first bottle (closure order #1) on the Bottle Closure Pressures/Times tab, if you did not select Bottom bottle closure enabled on the SBE 17plus Bottle Closure Logic tab.

SeatermAF Version 1.24
16 May 2008


  1. Added support for SBE 50 Digital Oceanographic Pressure Sensor as interface with SBE 55 ECO Water Sampler.

SeatermAF Version 1.23
25 April 2008


  1. AFM: SeatermAF transmitted battery type information to the AFM incorrectly (transmitted code for Ni-cad batteries when they were designated by the user as alkaline, and vice versa).
  2. On the Bottle Closure Pressures/Times tab in the Configuration Options dialog box, SeatermAF sometimes reset the last entry in the table to 0 db.

SeatermAF Version 1.21
15 October 2007


  1. On the Bottle Closure Pressures/Times tab in the Configuration Options dialog box, SeatermAF sometimes did not retain the user-selected number of bottles.

SeatermAF Version 1.20
09 July 2007


  1. Added compatibility with Windows Vista to Help files.

SeatermAF Version 1.19
19 March 2007


  1. Compatibility with SBE 55 ECO Water Sampler added.

SeatermAF Version 1.18
10 March 2006


  1. SeatermAF did not set the battery type in the AFM when the Program button was clicked.

SeatermAF Version 1.17
15 August 2005


  1. If the AFM was set up to fire more than 17 bottles on elapsed time, SeatermAF inserted incorrect times for bottle closures 18 and later, and did not allow you to arm the AFM. This error occurred only in version 1.16.

SeatermAF Version 1.16
11 April 2005


  1. AFM requires certain commands (bbx, bbpp, bbtt, and btx)  to be sent in lower case. SeatermAF's Program button (on the toolbar) was sending these commands in upper case. SeatermAF now sends all commands in lower case.

SeatermAF Version 1.15
27 September 2004


  1. SBE 17plus: Added ability to select Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries for 17plus (17plus is now shipping standard with NiMH batteries and charger).


  1. SBE 50 with AFM: On AFM Bottle Closure Logic tab, SeatermAF sometimes incorrectly activated configuration (.con) file entry field. SBE 50 does not have a .con file. When user subsequently clicked Program on Toolbar or select Program Auto Fire in Utilities menu, SeatermAF programmed all bottle closure pressures as -1 db, regardless of the pressure values input on the Bottle Closure Pressures/Times tab.

SeatermAF Version 1.14
19 February 2003


  1. Added support for SBE 50 Digital Oceanographic Pressure Sensor as interface with AFM.

SeatermAF Version 1.13
14 March 2002


  1. Fix initialization bug when SBE 25 is selected the first time the program is run. Error caused uploads to fail.

SeatermAF Version 1.12
22 October 2001


  1. Fix file handling problems with .ini files.
  2. Fix an execution error that occurred when the user arrowed past the end of the closure parameters and bottle position lists.

SeatermAF Version 1.11
11 June 2001


  1. AFM: If Close on elapsed time, program erroneously looked for a .con file and gave an error message.

SeatermAF Version 1.10
06 June 2001


  1. AFM: Added support for SBE 19plus CTD.


  1. AFM: AFM and applicable CTD now configured in same dialog box; Connect AFM and Connect CTD added to Toolbar and menu.
  2. Configure menu's Configuration Options dialog box tab labels changed to be more descriptive and consistent.
  3. SeatermAF.ini (replaces SeatermAF.cfg) is now located in Windows directory.
  4. Execution priority increased while uploading.


  1. AFM: Closure algorithm for closing bottles on elapsed time or when stationary was not correct.
  2. AFM: Pressure data (used to control bottle closure) was interpreted incorrectly for some instruments with older pressure sensors.

SeatermAF Version 1.03
27 October 2000


  1. AFM: Reduced lower limits for Pressure to enable upcast and Pressure change to enable upcast from 10 db to 1 db, allowing for work in shallow water.

SeatermAF Version 1.02
23 June 2000


  1. AFM: closure pressures was not correctly checked for ascending order if upcast was enabled. 
  2. AFM: Pressure change to enable upcast was not correctly calculated.
  3. AFM: Program locked up if there was a validation error prior to programming the AFM.
  4. SBE 19: When trying to upload data, SBE 19 was not properly detected.

SeatermAF Version 1.01
13 June 2000


  1. Header form is automatically sized for the number of header prompts. 
  2. When prompt for header is selected and a cast range is uploaded, header form pops up for each cast.
  3. You can minimize SeatermAF, and it will work in background while uploading data.
  4. Upload system time is written in DATCNV-compatible format.
  5. Connect baud rate is stored in .ini file.
  6. Program tries harder to wake up instrument before sending upload command, if it has fallen asleep during header entry.
  7. Menus and buttons are disabled (menus don't pull down, buttons don't click) while SeatermAF is sending a command or receiving data, so one command does not interrupt another.

SeatermAF Version 1.00
30 March 2000

Initial release of Win 95/98/NT terminal program for instruments that include Auto Fire capability.

Can I install my Sea-Bird CD-ROM on multiple computers or give it to another interested scientist?

You are free to install the software on multiple computers and to give the software to any interested potential user.

Sea-Bird's Seasoft© software is provided free of charge to Sea-Bird users and is not subject to any license. Seasoft is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. All title and copyrights in and to Seasoft and the accompanying printed materials, and any copies of Seasoft, are owned by Sea-Bird Electronics. There are no restrictions on its use or distribution, provided such use does not infringe on our copyright.

The software is posted on our website, and anyone can download it.

What operating systems are compatible with Seasoft?

Current Sea-Bird software was designed to work on a PC running Windows 7/8/10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit). Sea-Bird provides the software free of charge as part of our instrument support. Because of this, we do not have the resources to write and provide support software for other operating systems, such as Apple, Unix, or Linux.

  • If you have a valid PC emulator on your system, the Sea-Bird software may run, but we have no way to confirm this, or that the I/O connections to the instrument will properly function.
  • If you have access to a PC running Windows, you can use Sea-Bird’s software to convert the data from our proprietary format to ASCII (in engineering units of C, T, P, etc. with calibration coefficients applied); then you could use your own software on a different computer to perform additional processing.

I am confused by all these software names. Which software does what?

Sea-Bird’s main software package is called Seasoft©.

  • Seasoft V2 — Seasoft V2 is actually a suite of stand-alone programs. You can install the entire suite or just the desired program(s).

  • Deployment Endurance Calculator — calculates deployment length for moored instruments, based on user-input deployment scheme, instrument power requirements, and battery capacity.
  • SeatermV2 — terminal program launcher that interfaces with Sea-Bird instruments developed or redesigned in 2006 and later, which can output data in XML. Can be used with SBE 16plus V2, 16plus-IM V2, 19plus V2, 25plus, 37 (SI, SIP, SM, SMP, IM, IMP, all with firmware 3.0 and later), 37 with oxygen (SIP-IDO, SIP-ODO, SMP-IDO, SMP-ODO, IMP-IDO, IMP-ODO), 39plus, 54 and PN 90588, 56, 63, and Glider Payload CTD. SeatermV2 provides setup, data retrieval, and diagnostic tests.
  • Seaterm — terminal program that interfaces with most older Sea-Bird instruments, providing setup, data retrieval, and diagnostic tests.
  • SeatermAF — terminal program that interfaces with instruments that provides auto-fire capability for autonomous operation of an SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler (with an SBE 17plus V2 or AFM) or SBE 55 ECO Water Sampler, providing setup, data retrieval, and diagnostic tests.
  • Seasave V7 — acquires, converts, and displays real-time or archived data. Seasave V7 is an entirely new version of Seasave, officially released March 2007.
  • SBE Data Processing — converts, edits, processes, and plots data; some of SBE Data Processing’s most commonly used modules include Data Conversion, Bottle Summary, Align CTD, Bin Average, Derive, Cell Thermal Mass, Filter, and Sea Plot.
  • Plot39 — plots ASCII data that has been uploaded from SBE 39plus, 39, or 39-IM Temperature Recorder or SBE 48 Hull Temperature Sensor.
  • Seasoft for Waves
    Provides setup, data retrieval, data processing, auto-spectrum and time series analysis, statistics reporting, and plotting for the SBE 26 and SBE 26plus Seagauge Wave & Tide Recorder. Also provides setup, data retrieval, data processing, and plotting for the SBE 53 BPR Bottom Pressure Recorder.

Additional software is available to simplify use of coastal instruments: