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Seasoft for Waves

Seasoft for Waves© is for use with the Seagauge Wave and Tide Recorder — SBE 26plus (current production) or SBE 26 (older version) — and the SBE 53 BPR Bottom Pressure Recorder.

Seasoft for Waves Features

Seasoft for Waves Manual

Seasoft for Waves© is for use with the Seagauge Wave and Tide Recorder — SBE 26plus (current production) or SBE 26 (older version) — and the SBE 53 BPR Bottom Pressure Recorder. Seasoft for Waves is a modular program that includes:

  • Plan Deployment (not applicable to SBE 53) — Calculate pressure attenuation and predict surface wave analysis parameters for proposed wave sampling scheme.
  • Battery and Memory Endurance — Calculate expected battery and memory endurance for proposed sampling scheme.
  • SeatermW — Communicate with instrument to program for deployment and upload data.
  • Convert Hex —
    — For SBE 26 and 26plus: Convert uploaded data into separate wave and tide files, with output data in engineering units.
    — For SBE 53: Convert uploaded data into separate tide and reference frequency files, with tide data in engineering units.
  • Merge Barometric Pressure — Remove barometric pressure from tide data.
  • Process Wave Burst Data (not applicable to SBE 53) — Calculate wave statistics.
  • Create Reports (not applicable to SBE 53) — Calculate surface wave time series and/or wave burst auto-spectrum statistics for each processed wave burst.
  • Plot Data — Plot data.

Seasoft for Waves's use is covered in its Help menu as well as in the applicable product manuals..

Seasoft for Waves was written for use on systems running Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP; testing using Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit systems) has not shown any compatibility problems. The older software that it replaced in 2003, Seasoft for Waves - DOS, is not compatible with the SBE 26plus or the SBE 53.

If you discover reproducible bugs in Seasoft for Waves, please document the steps taken to achieve them and send a report to We welcome any suggestions for new features and enhancements.

Seasoft for Waves 2.0

September 8, 2011
File SeasoftWaves_V2_0.exe for Windows 7/8/10

The Revision History describes each version of software — including bug fixes, modifications, and new features. You may not need the latest version; our revisions often include improvements and new features which may have little or no impact on your operation. Review this site regularly to view the latest change

Version 2.0
08 September 2011

a. Plot Data — Fixed bug related to daylight savings time transition, for SBE 26, 26plus, and 53.
b. Create Reports — Fixed bug related to daylight savings time transition for SBE 26plus; time was off by 1 hour.
c. Create Reports — Fixed bug related to daylight savings time transition for SBE 26; time was off by 1 hour, 24 hours, or 25 hours.
d. Convert Hex — Modified dialog box to allow user adjustment of 'start time' of first tide measurement in input data file for SBE 26. Because of a leap year firmware bug in SBE 26, you may need to adjust 'start time' if either of following is true: SBE 26 was deployed on February 29, or date and time were set before February 29 and SBE 26 was deployed after February 29.

Version 1.18b
14 December 2009

a. Convert Hex — Added -t command line option to output additional diagnostic information in .tid file for SBE 53.

Version 1.18a
12 June 2009

a. Convert Hex — Changed Convert Hex dialog boxes for SBE 26plus and 53 to make them more user-friendly.

Version 1.18
13 May 2009

a. General — Changed location of SeasoftWaves.ini, to provide better compatibility with computers running Vista. SeasoftWaves.ini contains location and file name of last saved program setup (.psa) file and option settings for each module.
b. Convert Hex — Changed file for storing calibration coefficients from an .ini file to a .psa file for consistency with other software modules.

Version 1.17
14 October 2008

a. Create Reports —
     - A bug caused Create Reports to crash when processing a large file. 
     - If depth was selected as an output variable, the column header in the output file said pressure instead of depth.

Version 1.16
24 September 2008

a. Convert Hex — A bug when converting a file for a 26plus with strain gauge pressure sensor caused incorrect pressure values. This bug only occurred in Version 1.15.

Version 1.15
10 July 2008

a. Convert Hex — A bug in decoding the firmware version for data from an SBE 26 (not plus) with firmware version 2.0 caused incorrect pressure values in the .wb wave burst file.

Version 1.14
22 January 2007

a. Create Reports — Occasionally crashed when processing large wave burst files.
b. Create Reports and Plot Data — Incorrectly reported zeroes for the wave auto spectrum for some files.

Version 1.13
23 February 2006

a. SeatermW — Updated to add DateTime menu, allowing you to set the date and time in the SBE 26plus or 53 to an accuracy of ±25 msec of the time provided by timekeeping software on your computer. This capability is compatible with SBE 26plus firmware version 6.1a or later, and SBE 53 firmware version 1.13 and later.

Version 1.12c
16 December 2005

a. Convert Hex — Updated to provide a way to reprocess data obtained with SBE 26plus firmware version 5.2, 6.0, or 6.0a, if you had programmed the 26plus to use a wave sample duration other than 0.25 seconds. See Field Service Bulletin No. 8 for details.

a. SeatermW — If uploading data from an SBE 26plus, not in binary, SeatermW erroneously reported upload errors when in fact there were none.

Version 1.12b
06 December 2005

a. SeatermW — For SBE 53, SeatermW would not upload data if the following line appeared in the status:
"*warning -> not enough time to measure reference frequency".

Version 1.12a
16 November 2005

a. Battery and Memory Endurance — For SBE 26 tab, there was some extra text visible above Tide measurement interval. Note that the calculations were unaffected by the bug.

Version 1.12
27 July 2005

a. Convert Hex — For SBE 26plus with strain gauge pressure sensor, program was not reading the conductivity coefficients from the header in the .hex file.

Version 1.11a
25 July 2005

a. Battery and Memory Endurance — For SBE 26 (not plus), removed Wave statistics duration, because real-time wave statistics are not available in the SBE 26.

Version 1.11
15 July 2005

a. Battery and Memory Endurance — Added compatibility with SBE 53 BPR Bottom Pressure Recorder, and added lithium battery endurance output for SBE 26plus.

Version 1.10
22 June 2005

a. Convert Hex — Buffer overrun occurred when processing a file uploaded from an SBE 26plus.

Version 1.09
28 April 2005

a. Added compatibility with SBE 53 BPR Bottom Pressure Recorder.

a. Sometimes did not upload properly or stopped in middle of an upload.

Version 1.08
09 February 2005

a. Versions 1.07 and 1.07a ONLY — Did not process data correctly for an SBE 26 (not 26plus).

Version 1.07a
03 December 2004

a. Compatibility with SBE 26plus firmware version 6.0 and later — 26plus firmware version 6.0 and later included the following changes which impacted the software:
- Date and time is now included with each tide record, changing the format of data uploaded from memory. Convert Hex was updated for compatibility with the new data format.
- An optional strain gauge pressure sensor in place of the Quartz pressure sensor is now available. Format of data uploaded from memory and power consumption characteristics for the strain gauge pressure sensor version are different from the Quartz pressure sensor version. Battery and Memory Endurance and Convert Hex were updated, so they are now compatible with both pressure sensor versions of the 26plus.

Version 1.06
12 May 2004

a. Compatibility with SBE 26plus : Existing software was updated to interface with current production version of the SEAGAUGE Wave and Tide Recorder, the SBE 26plus.
b. Battery and Memory Endurance module: Added to aid in pre-deployment planning. Module calculates expected endurance for proposed sampling scheme for SBE 26 or SBE 26plus.
c. Extract Tide: The SBE 26plus can hold data from multiple logging sessions in memory. This stand-alone module (installed in same directory as Seasoft for Waves during Seasoft for Waves installation) separates each logging session into a separate file. Extract Tide must be used before converting uploaded data with Convert Hex if there are multiple logging sessions in memory.

Version 1.05
09 February 2004

a. SeatermW: 
- Comm port setting was always reset to 1 when you closed the program and then re-opened it.
- SeatermW did not check to see if SBE 26 was logging before trying to upload data. It now checks to see if SBE 26 is logging before it will upload, and provides error message to stop logging first.

Version 1.02
06 November 2003

a. Convert Hex -- If you: 
          1 - Changed coefficients and saved to a .ini file, and 
          2 - Then opened another .ini file (without exiting the Coefficient Configuration dialog box) and clicked OK. 
Then the coefficients in the first file were overwritten with the second file.
b. Plot Data — Plot Title was reset to the default name when a new file was selected.

Version 1.01
20 June 2003

a. Process Wave Burst Data crashed when processing wave bursts that have fewer than expected data values in a wave burst (if hex file being processed has missing data).
b. Processing progress bar was not accurate.

Version 1.00
07 May 2003

Initial release of entire Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP software package, which includes Plan Deployment, SeatermW (terminal program), Convert Hex, Merge Barometric Pressure, Process Wave Burst Data, Create Reports, and Plot Data modules.


SeatermW, the terminal program module, has been incorporated in Seasoft for Waves. SeatermW was initially released as a stand-alone program in July 2002. The revisions below apply only to those early versions of SeatermW. 

SeatermW Version 1.02
24 September 2002


  1. Command line parameter -s was added for custom application.

SeatermW Version 1.01
19 August 2002


  1. Save As wrote a corrupt .ini file.
  2. COM10 was incorrectly parsed as COM1.
  3. If the user clicked mid-screen, incoming text was inserted into existing text.

SeatermW Version 1.00 
09 July 2002

Initial release of Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP program.

Title Type Publication Date PDF FIle
Sea-Bird Seasoft Software Quick Guide Software Quick Guide Wednesday, November 30, 2016 PDF icon SoftwareBrochure4PageNov16.pdf
SBE 26plus Manual Product Manual Monday, February 9, 2015 PDF icon 26plus_019.pdf
SBE 53 Manual Product Manual Wednesday, February 18, 2015 PDF icon 53_013.pdf
SBE 26 Manual Product Manual Thursday, September 8, 2011 PDF icon 26_017.pdf
Sea-Bird Scientific Software Guide Software Quick Guide Tuesday, March 7, 2017 PDF icon Software-Inventory-03-2017 SBS.pdf

I am confused by all these software names. Which software does what?

Sea-Bird’s main software package is called Seasoft©.

  • Seasoft V2 — Seasoft V2 is actually a suite of stand-alone programs. You can install the entire suite or just the desired program(s).

  • Deployment Endurance Calculator — calculates deployment length for moored instruments, based on user-input deployment scheme, instrument power requirements, and battery capacity.
  • SeatermV2 — terminal program launcher that interfaces with Sea-Bird instruments developed or redesigned in 2006 and later, which can output data in XML. Can be used with SBE 16plus V2, 16plus-IM V2, 19plus V2, 25plus, 37 (SI, SIP, SM, SMP, IM, IMP, all with firmware 3.0 and later), 37 with oxygen (SIP-IDO, SIP-ODO, SMP-IDO, SMP-ODO, IMP-IDO, IMP-ODO), 39plus, 54 and PN 90588, 56, 63, and Glider Payload CTD. SeatermV2 provides setup, data retrieval, and diagnostic tests.
  • Seaterm — terminal program that interfaces with most older Sea-Bird instruments, providing setup, data retrieval, and diagnostic tests.
  • SeatermAF — terminal program that interfaces with instruments that provides auto-fire capability for autonomous operation of an SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler (with an SBE 17plus V2 or AFM) or SBE 55 ECO Water Sampler, providing setup, data retrieval, and diagnostic tests.
  • Seasave V7 — acquires, converts, and displays real-time or archived data. Seasave V7 is an entirely new version of Seasave, officially released March 2007.
  • SBE Data Processing — converts, edits, processes, and plots data; some of SBE Data Processing’s most commonly used modules include Data Conversion, Bottle Summary, Align CTD, Bin Average, Derive, Cell Thermal Mass, Filter, and Sea Plot.
  • Plot39 — plots ASCII data that has been uploaded from SBE 39plus, 39, or 39-IM Temperature Recorder or SBE 48 Hull Temperature Sensor.
  • Seasoft for Waves
    Provides setup, data retrieval, data processing, auto-spectrum and time series analysis, statistics reporting, and plotting for the SBE 26 and SBE 26plus Seagauge Wave & Tide Recorder. Also provides setup, data retrieval, data processing, and plotting for the SBE 53 BPR Bottom Pressure Recorder.

Additional software is available to simplify use of coastal instruments:

Can I install my Sea-Bird CD-ROM on multiple computers or give it to another interested scientist?

You are free to install the software on multiple computers and to give the software to any interested potential user.

Sea-Bird's Seasoft© software is provided free of charge to Sea-Bird users and is not subject to any license. Seasoft is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. All title and copyrights in and to Seasoft and the accompanying printed materials, and any copies of Seasoft, are owned by Sea-Bird Electronics. There are no restrictions on its use or distribution, provided such use does not infringe on our copyright.

The software is posted on our website, and anyone can download it.

What operating systems are compatible with Seasoft?

Current Sea-Bird software was designed to work on a PC running Windows 7/8/10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit). Sea-Bird provides the software free of charge as part of our instrument support. Because of this, we do not have the resources to write and provide support software for other operating systems, such as Apple, Unix, or Linux.

  • If you have a valid PC emulator on your system, the Sea-Bird software may run, but we have no way to confirm this, or that the I/O connections to the instrument will properly function.
  • If you have access to a PC running Windows, you can use Sea-Bird’s software to convert the data from our proprietary format to ASCII (in engineering units of C, T, P, etc. with calibration coefficients applied); then you could use your own software on a different computer to perform additional processing.