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Deployment Endurance Calculator Revision History
Version 1.6 latest

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The Revision History describes each version of software -- including bug fixes, modifications, and new features. You may not need the latest version; our revisions often include improvements and new features which may have little or no impact on your operation. Review this site regularly to view the latest changes. You may choose to download a revision if the bug fixes, modifications, and features would be useful in your operation.

Version #  listing:

  1.5 1.2
  1.4 1.1
1.6 1.3 1.0

Deployment Endurance Calculator VERSION 1.6
03 September 2014


a. SBE 39plus: Add to Deployment Endurance Calculator.

Deployment Endurance Calculator VERSION 1.5
31 December 2012


a. SBE 56: Add to Deployment Endurance Calculator.
b. 37-SMP-ODO and 37-IMP-ODO: Add to Deployment Endurance Calculator.
c. 16plus V2 and 19plus V2, firmware 2.5 and later: Add compatibility with DelayAfterSampling= command, and ability to select SBE 63 as an auxiliary sensor.

Deployment Endurance Calculator VERSION 1.4
22 May 2012


a. 16plus V2: For optional Digiquartz pressure sensor, calculation was correct but report did not document entered integration time.

Deployment Endurance Calculator VERSION 1.3
1 November 2011


a. Reduced battery capacity for pumped MicroCATs (37-SMP, 37-IMP) with firmware version < 4.0; see Field Service Bulletin 23 for details.

Deployment Endurance Calculator VERSION 1.2
19 April 2011


a. Compatibility with SBE 37-SMP and 37-IMP MicroCATs with version 4.0 and later firmware.


a. Does not allow selection of lithium battery pack (42 or 30 Amp-hr) for SeaCAT (SBE 16, 16plus/16plus V2, 16plus-IM/16plus-IM V2, 19plus/19plus V2) if SeaCAT integrated with SBE 5P or 5T pump.

Deployment Endurance Calculator VERSION 1.1
30 December 2010


a. Compatibility with SBE 37-SMP-IDO MicroCAT.
b. Compatibility with current (production) version of 37-IMP-IDO MicroCAT.
c. Ability to select lithium battery packs (42 or 30 Amp-hr) for SeaCATs (SBE 16, 16plus/16plus V2, 16plus-IM/16plus-IM V2, 19plus/19plus V2).

Deployment Endurance Calculator VERSION 1.0
3 June 2009

Initial release of battery endurance calculator program for moored instruments -- SBE 16, 16plus, 16plus-IM, 16plus V2, 16plus-IM V2, 19plus (moored mode), 19plus V2 (moored mode), 37-SM, 37-SMP, 37-IM, 37-IMP, 37-IMP-IDO, 39, and 39-IM.

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