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SBE 13 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor - DISCONTINUED

The SBE 13 was discontinued in 2001. Order the SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (membrane-based; voltage output) or SBE 63 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (RS-232 output) in place of the SBE 13.

Trade-In Program

Sea-Bird stopped selling SBE 13Y and SBE 23Y DO sensors in 2001, but customers who bought these sensors in the past still request us to service and calibrate the sensors. Parts for these sensors are difficult to procure because of component obsolescence. As of March 1, 2015, we will no longer service or calibrate these sensors. We recommend that customers replace these sensors with a new SBE 43 DO Sensor. Consequently, Sea-Bird is offering a Trade-In Program to provide you with an opportunity to improve your DO measurement capability and accuracy:

Trade in an SBE 13Y or 23Y, and receive a 35% discount on the list price of a new SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (only one discount can be used per purchased sensor). This offer is valid for orders placed by March 1, 2015.

Summarizing the advantages of the SBE 43:

  SBE 13Y and 23Y SBE 43
Accuracy (initial) ± 2% of saturation at 20 °C, 35 psu ± 2% of saturation (varies from 0.04 ml/l at 32 °C, 35 psu to 0.22 ml/l at -2 °C, 0 psu)
Stability Requires frequent field calibrations > 10x better; 0.5% per 1000 hours (clean membrane)
Output Signal Requires 2 channels on CTD (oxygen signal and temperature signal) Requires only 1 channel on CTD, freeing up a channel for another auxiliary sensor
Stabilization Wait Time Several minutes None (eliminated by continuous polarization); eliminates much of soak time required before starting a profile
Hysteresis Largely eliminated in upper ocean due to improved temperature response
Resolution Increased by on-board temperature compensation
Warranty Expired long ago 5-year warranty (includes 1 sensor recharge — electrolyte refill, membrane replacement, and recalibration — at no cost)

Contact Sea-Bird ( with the serial number(s) of your old SBE 13Y or 23Y, and get a quote on a new SBE 43.

The list below includes (as applicable) the current product brochure, manual, and quick guide; software manual(s); and application notes.

Title Type Publication Date PDF File
SBE13B Datasheet Product Datasheet Friday, June 9, 2000 PDF icon 13bbrochure.pdf
SBE 13Y Datasheet Product Datasheet Friday, March 14, 2003 PDF icon 13ybrochureMarch03.pdf
AN57: Connector Care and Cable Installation Application Notes Tuesday, May 13, 2014 PDF icon appnote57Jan14.pdf


To SBE 9plus

  • 17546 To SBE 9plus (RMG/AG connectors), 1.27 m, DN 31331

Mounts Kits

To SBE 9plus

  • 50042 DO (SBE 13 or 23), pH, or other 1.9-inch (4.83-cm) diameter housing instrument to SBE 9plus Mount Kit (document 67061)

Spare Parts

  • 50002 O-ring kit for SBE 13 (3400 m) (document 67064)
  • 50014 O-ring kit for SBE 13 (6800 m) (document 67012)
  • 50017 Dissolved Oxygen module refurbishment kit for SBE 13B or 23B Beckman (document 67031)
  • 24110 Dissolved Oxygen sensor membrane refurbishment kit for SBE 13Y or 23Y