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Pressure Sensors

Sea-Bird manufactures a large number of pressure sensors, for use in a wide range of applications. The pressure sensors are categorized into the following groups:

  • Pressure only — SBE 29, 50
  • Pressure and Temperature — SBE 26plus, 53, 54
  • Temperature and optional Pressure — 39plus, 39-IM
  • Pressure in a CTD — SBE 9plus, 16plus V2, 16plus-IM V2, 19plus V2, 25plus, 37 (SM, SMP, SMP-ODO, SI, SIP, SIP-IDO, IM, IMP, IMP-ODO), 41/41CP, 49, 52-MP, Glider Payload CTD

Shown below are descriptions of Pressure only and Pressure and Temperature sensors. See Profiling CTDs and Moored / Time Series Instruments for other instruments that include pressure sensors.

SBE 39plus - just a few of the configuration choices
Temperature and (optional) Pressure, at user-programmable intervals. Internal memory and battery pack, RS-232 and USB interface. Configurations with internal or external thermistor, external connector, pressure.
SBE 26plus Seagauge Wave & Tide Recorder
Wave and Tide, Temperature, and optional Conductivity data, with internal memory and batteries and real-time tide and wave data. Photo shows 26plus being secured in accessory mounting fixture. After installation at mooring, fixture allows removal & precise repositioning by diver (no tools required; no loose parts to misplace).
SBE 53 Bottom Pressure Recorder
Full ocean depth water level, with extremely high resolution, accuracy, and stability. Precision thermometer, optional conductivity sensor.
SBE 54 Tsunami Pressure Sensor
Measures, records, and outputs pressure at user-programmable periods, at full ocean depth (photo shows short externally powered version as well as long version with internal batteries).
SBE 50 Digital Oceanographic Pressure Sensor
Pressure measurements at 16 Hz. RS-232 interface; optional voltage output. No memory or batteries; intended for use on vehicles that can supply power and acquire data.
SBE 29 Strain-Gauge Pressure Sensor
Mechanical strain-gauge pressure transducer with thermistor temperature compensation, used on SBE 25 CTD (not in production since 2012).
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