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Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen sensors measure dissolved oxygen in the water. Sea-Bird oxygen sensors are designed to be integrated with a pumped CTD, and can be easily added at the factory or in the field to the plumbing on Sea-Bird CTDs that can accomodate auxiliary sensors.

  • MicroCAT CTDs are available with integral oxygen sensors: 37-SMP-ODO and 37-IMP-ODO include an integrated SBE 63; 37-SIP-IDO includes an integrated version of the SBE 43.
  • HydroCAT and HydroCAT-EP CTDs, which are intended for coastal applications, are available with an integrated SBE 63 oxygen sensor.
High-accuracy optical sensor with 1 Hz sampling, RS-232 serial output, fully and individually calibrated. For use in CTD pumped flow path.
SBE 43
Membrane-type, fast-response oxygen sensor with voltage output, for integration with profiling or moored CTDs. For use in CTD pumped flow path.
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