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2016 Student Equipment Loan Program

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sea-Bird is happy to announce the recipients of the 2016 Graduate Student Equipment Loan Awards.

  • Michael Acquafredda is a graduate student at Rutgers University. He will be using two WET Labs ECO FLNTUs and one WET Labs Water Quality Monitor at shallow, subtidal aquaculture sites along the New Jersey shoreline to study the effect of food availability (i.e., chlorophyll), turbidity, salinity, and temperature on the growth, health, and survival of surf clams.  
  • Arley Muth is a graduate student at University of Texas at Austin. She will be using two SBE 37-SM MicroCAT CT(D) Recorders and two WET Labs ECO FLNTUs, along with Satlantic SeaFET pH sensors, to study the salinity and pH regimes of the nearshore Beaufort Sea in relation to the epilithic communities of the Boulder Patch kelp community.

Congratulations Michael and Arley!