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My auxiliary sensor (not manufactured by Sea-Bird) needs to be repaired / recalibrated. Where should I send it for servicing?

Sea-Bird does not repair or recalibrate other manufacturers’ instruments that have been integrated with Sea-Bird equipment. If an auxiliary sensor needs to be repaired or recalibrated, we recommend that you send it directly to the manufacturer. If you send it to Sea-Bird, we will have to send it to the manufacturer, resulting in additional shipping (and possibly customs) expenses for you.

Note: Apparent malfunctioning of an auxiliary sensor can be caused by many things, including incorrect configuration (.con or .xmlcon) file, incorrect instrument setup, incorrect or leaky cables, poor mounting scheme, etc.

  • If you are not certain that the auxiliary sensor needs to be repaired, Sea-Bird can help you troubleshoot the system by phone or e-mail at no charge.
  • Alternatively, if you ship us the entire system, we can troubleshoot at the factory for our standard charges (see the FAQ above this for troubleshooting description). If we determine that the auxiliary sensor does need to be repaired, we will coordinate with you on shipment of the sensor to the manufacturer.