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Environmental Monitoring

Matthew Ellison from OTT UK, deploying a HydroCycle-PO4 Phosphate Sensor. Photo: Nichole Halsey

Water is a fundamental resource that impacts human welfare at all levels. From agriculture to public health, the availability and quality of water defines our economies, population distributions, and core quality of life. With increasing populations and associated anthropogenic pressures, the demand for this resource spirals.

Accordingly, our sensors play a vital role in this process. Resource managers can use our Water Quality Monitors to cost effectively collect data in order to build and support sustainable programs that are key to environmental restoration and the development of aquatic resources.Scattering and attenuations measurements provide direct indications of water clarity. Chlorophyll fluorescence provides an indication of ecosystem health and serves as a proxy for other key nutrients. Direct nutrient measurements are also needed, because they indicate ecosystem status.