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Field Service Bulletin 13: Jackscrew Replacements

Publication Date: 
Monday, March 8, 2010
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Equipment Affected

All part number (PN) 30515 jackscrews shipped from Sea-Bird after May 2007. Jackscrews are typically shipped as part of a jackscrew kit, which is used to remove the end cap to access the electronics compartment for electronics testing or repairs. Jackscrew kits that contain PN 30515 are:

  • PN 50089 — jackscrew kit for the SBE 9plus.
  • PN 50092 — jackscrew kit for the SBE 16, 17plus, 17plus V2, 19, 21, 25, 26, 26plus, 32 (all versions), 52-MP, 53, and 54, and the AFM.
    Note: The jackscrew kit is not used with the SBE 16plus or 19plus.

A jackscrew kit is included as part of the standard shipment for the equipment described above. It is also included as a component of other spares kits (for example, PN 50088 Seaspares kit for the SBE 9plus includes PN 50089 Jackscrew Kit.)


  • This Field Service Bulletin does not apply to jackscrews shipped before May 2007 or after December 2007.
  • This Field Service Bulletin does not apply to PN 50429 jackscrews, which are used with the SBE 55 ECO Water Sampler.


Description of Problem

PN 30515 jackscrews, specified as ¼-20, may be slightly over-sized. Jackscrews are used to assist in the removal of the electronics end cap. There is a potential for the jackscrew to seize in the end cap because of the over-sizing. If the jackscrew seizes in the end cap, it must be drilled out.

Many customers never use the jackscrew kit, because they do not perform any repairs themselves that require accessing the electronics compartment. At this time, we are not aware of any customer problems caused by the potential jackscrew over-sizing.



Short term: If you must open the electronics compartment before receiving replacement screws, carefully and slowly screw the jackscrews into the end cap. If correctly sized, they should turn with little resistance until they reach the lip of the housing and start to lift the end cap. If you feel any unusual resistance, stop immediately.

Long term: Sea-Bird is having new jackscrews manufactured, in the correct size. Please contact Sea-Bird for replacement jackscrews.

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