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Field Service Bulletin 9: SeaCAT FlashInit Error

Publication Date: 
Monday, March 8, 2010
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Equipment Affected

The following instruments, shipped prior to November 2006 (the firmware version is shown in the first line of the status command response):

  • SBE 16plus with RS-232 interface with Firmware Version < 1.8a
  • SBE 16plus with RS-485 interface with Digital Firmware Version < 1.1
  • SBE 16plus-IM with Digital Firmware Version < 1.2a
  • SBE 19plus with Firmware Version < 1.6a
  • SBE 21 with Firmware Version < 4.3


Description of Problem

A firmware bug causes SeaCATs to store data incorrectly after the FlashInit or #iiFlashInit command (as applicable) is sent, if the customer starts logging before sending the Initialize Logging command. It is anticipated that very few customers will have a problem with this bug; FlashInit and #iiFlashInit map bad blocks and erase FLASH memory, and are typically used only if there are FLASH Read errors in the Status command response.



Send the following command after the instrument has completed processing FlashInit or #iiFlashInit:

  • SBE 16plus with RS-232 interface, and SBE 19plus — InitLogging
  • SBE 16plus with RS-485 interface, and SBE 16plus-IM — #iiInitLogging
  • SBE 21 — IL

This corrects the problem, and the SeaCAT will store data correctly.


Corrective Action by Sea-Bird

  • Firmware Versions listed above: The firmware in these instruments will be updated at no charge the next time they are returned to Sea-Bird for calibration or repairs.
  • Firmware Versions higher than listed above (began shipping in November 2006): Firmware has been modified to correct the bug.
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