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AN86: Change to SBE 9plus CTD Bottom Contact Switch Connector (JB6)

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
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This Application Note discusses a change to the bottom contact switch bulkhead connector on the SBE 9plus CTD.

Through mid-February 2007, the configuration of the SBE 9plus included three 2-pin, male, bulkhead connectors:

  • JT1 sea cable connector on the top end cap
  • JB3 pump connector on the bottom end cap
  • JB6 bottom contact connector on the bottom end cap

The 9plus is usually deployed with a dummy plug on the JB6 bottom contact connector (because most customers do not use a bottom contact switch). Over the years, a small number of customers have mistakenly removed the dummy plug and plugged the 250-volt sea cable into JB6, causing extensive damage to the electronics that renders the 9plus inoperable until one of the PCBs is replaced. To prevent this expensive user error, all SBE 9plus CTDs built after mid-February 2007 will use a 2-pin female bulkhead connector for JB6 to differentiate JB6 from the JT1 sea cable connector.

Note: It is rare for the sea cable to be mistakenly plugged into the JB3 pump connector, most likely because there is always a pump cable on this connector.

For existing SBE 9plus CTDs, Sea-Bird will change the JB6 bottom contact connector on request, at our usual price for this type of work. Note that a new dummy plug and (if applicable) a new cable to a bottom contact switch are also required if the connector is changed. Contact Sea-Bird for pricing and for scheduling information.

Part Numbers for new bulkhead connector, cables, and dummy plugs:

Part Number Description
 172265 VSG-2BCL-HP-SS bulkhead connector
 172266 VMG-2FSD-HP dummy plug for bulkhead connector
 172267 RMG-2FS to VMG-2FS cable, bottom contact switch to 9plus (DN 33200)
 172268 MCBH-2FS (WB) AL wet-pluggable bulkhead connector for 9plus with aluminum housing
 172269 MCBH-2FS (WB) TI wet-pluggable bulkhead connector for 9plus with titanium housing
 172270 MCIL-2FS to MCIL-2MP cable, bottom contact switch to 9plus (wet-pluggable bulkhead connectors on both) (DN 33201)
 171795 MCDC-2MP dummy plug for wet-pluggable bulkhead connector


SBE 9plus Bottom End Cap

1. Wet-pluggable (MCBH) connectors are available in anodized aluminum or titanium; connector type must match SBE 9plus housing (standard aluminum or optional titanium).
2. All the 3-pin connectors are the same type; see the connector callout for JB5.


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February 2007

Initial release.


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