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AN36A: Installation of P/N 50094 Conductivity Cell Tubing Connector Kit

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Monday, April 13, 1998
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To Install Conductivity Cell Tubing Connector Kit

  1. Remove conductivity sensor from the CTD and remove the cell guard from the sensor housing (4 screws).
  2. Remove the anode ring from the top of the sensor housing and install the new flat-sided anode ring in its place.
  3. Remove the two screws at the top of the cell tray and take the cell tray spacer out from between the cell tray and the sensor housing.
  4. Screw the male tubing connector (item 2) into the connector bracket.
  5. Insert the connector bracket at the location of the old cell tray spacer and measure the length of tubing (item 3, 11.1 mm [7/16"] ID x 1.6 mm [1/16"] wall) required to connect the cell end and the connector.
  6. Remove the connector bracket, cut the appropriate length of Tygon tubing (11.1 mm [ 7/16"] ID x 1.6 mm [ 1/16"] wall) and push one end onto the tubing connector.
  7. Reinsert the connector bracket between the cell tray and sensor housing, carefully pushing Tygon tubing onto the end of the conductivity cell. Make sure the tubing is not bulged, out of line, or putting any stress on the cell end.
  8. Reinstall the 2 screws through the holes in the cell tray and connector bracket.
  9. Replace the cell guard.
  10. Insert the hose barb end of the female tubing connector (item 4) into the end of the Tygon tubing (item 5) leading from the pump intake. Secure the tubing to the connector with nylon cable ties as shown (item 6).
  11. Push the male and female connectors (items 2 and 4) together until they lock. Push the metal tab on the female connector to unlock.


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April 1998 Initial release.


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