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Training in Europe (August 2014)
For our European customers: Sea-Bird Scientific is offering training in Kempten, Germany on November 13-14; click here for details.


Student Equipment Loan Program (July 2014)
Sea-Bird is pleased to announce the Student Equipment Loan Program for 2015.


New SBE 39plus Temperature (optional Pressure) Recorder (February 2014)
is introducing the SBE 39plus, a successor to the SBE 39 (field-proven since 1998).


SBE 13Y and SBE 23Y Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensor Trade-In Program (February 2014)
Sea-Bird stopped selling SBE 13Y and SBE 23Y DO sensors in 2001, but customers who bought these sensors in the past still request us to service and calibrate the sensors. Parts for these sensors are difficult to procure because of component obsolescence. As of March 1, 2015, we will no longer service or calibrate these sensors. We recommend that customers replace these sensors with a new SBE 43 DO Sensor. Consequently, Sea-Bird is offering a Trade-In Program to provide you with an opportunity to improve your DO measurement capability and accuracy:

Trade in an SBE 13Y or 23Y, and receive a 35% discount on the list price of a new SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (only one discount can be used per purchased sensor). This offer is valid for orders placed by March 1, 2015.

Summarizing the advantages of the SBE 43:

  SBE 13Y and 23Y SBE 43
Accuracy (initial) ± 2% of saturation at 20 °C, 35 psu ± 2% of saturation (varies from 0.04 ml/l at 32 °C, 35 psu to 0.22 ml/l at -2 °C, 0 psu)
Stability Requires frequent field calibrations > 10x better; 0.5% per 1000 hours (clean membrane)
Output Signal Requires 2 channels on CTD (oxygen signal and temperature signal) Requires only 1 channel on CTD, freeing up a channel for another auxiliary sensor
Stabilization Wait Time Several minutes None (eliminated by continuous polarization); eliminates much of soak time required before starting a profile
Hysteresis -- Largely eliminated in upper ocean due to improved temperature response
Resolution -- Increased by on-board temperature compensation
Warranty Expired long ago 5-year warranty (includes 1 sensor recharge -- electrolyte refill, membrane replacement, and recalibration -- at no cost)

Contact Sea-Bird ( with the serial number(s) of your old SBE 13Y or 23Y, and get a quote on a new SBE 43.


Sea-Bird Scientific Creates New Coastal and Inland Business Unit (December 2013)
In order to further our commitment to our customers, partners, and the monitoring community, Sea-Bird Scientific is pleased to announce the formation of a new business unit focused on the specific needs of coastal monitoring and inland customers. Sea-Bird Coastal will draw from decades of collective sensor development expertise and industry leading service at Sea-Bird Electronics, WET Labs, and Satlantic to  provide world-class sensors and systems that meet the challenging water quality monitoring requirements of coastal and inland customers. The formation of Sea-Bird Coastal is part of an overarching re-organization of Sea-Bird Scientific to more specifically focus efforts around the two distinct areas of Ocean Research and Coastal water quality monitoring. These two areas of focus differ significantly in terms of customer needs and technology requirements, and the new structure organizes teams to focus directly on meeting the needs of each customer group. For more information on Sea-Bird Coastal, please contact or +1 425 401 7653, or go to the Sea-Bird Coastal website ( 


On-line RMA and Service Request Form (October 2013)
For work to be done in our U.S. facility: Try our new On-line RMA and Service Request Form to get an RMA number and let us know what instrument(s) you are sending for calibration and/or repair. Include a copy of the form with the instrument when you ship it.


Sea-Bird Scientific Forms New Science Team (October 2013)
Sea-Bird Scientific is pleased to announce the formation of a new senior Science Team led by Norge Larson. The Science Team will focus scientific resources from Sea-Bird Electronics, WET Labs, and Satlantic on the critical needs of the oceanographic and water quality communities to drive innovation and sensor technology development across Sea-Bird Scientific.
“Our new science structure affirms our commitment to developing the best science tools for the world’s researchers,” said Norge. “I started my career at Sea-Bird helping to develop the science behind our sensors and I look forward to bringing a full time focus on strengthening our scientific capabilities.” This newly formed Science Team will be a critical part of Sea-Bird Scientific.
Sea-Bird Scientific’s new President is Casey Moore. “We will continue to support our global customers as they take on our world’s water challenges,” said Casey, “Our approach will be to relentlessly innovate new and improved sensors and platforms for the challenging environments where our customers work.”
Casey, Norge
, and the entire Sea-Bird Scientific team are pleased to leverage this new organizational structure to continue to deliver leading scientific solutions along with the best performance and quality in the industry.


TEOS-10 (Absolute Salinity) Implementation (September 2013)
SBE Data Processing version 7.23.1 has implemented TEOS-10 equations in a new module, Derive TEOS-10, and a new seawater calculator module SeaCalc III (replacing SeaCalc II). Other SBE Data Processing modules, and Seasave, continue to output Practical Salinity, based on EOS-80.


New Navis Autonomous Profiling Float (October 2012; updated August 2013)
Sea-Bird is introducing the Navis Autonomous Profiling Float, Navis Autonomous Profiling Float with Biogeochemical (BGC) Sensors, and now the Navis Autonomous Profiling Float with Integrated Biogeochemical (BGC) Sensors. Compare features across the Navis product line.


Cable Search (March 2013)
Try our new Cable Search page -- this page allows you to search for cables, including Y-cables for multiple auxiliary sensors connecting to a single end cap connector.


Sea-Bird Europe (updated March 2014)
Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc is pleased to announce the opening in 2011 of our European calibration and repair center. Located in Kempten, Germany, Sea-Bird GmbH offers our European customers the same high-quality repair and calibration services that had previously only been performed at Sea-Bird headquarters facility in Bellevue, Washington, USA. As of August 2013, Sea-Bird GmbH is supporting SBE 3, 4, 5, 9plus and 11plus (911plus) and 17plus (917plus), 16, 16plus, 16plus V2, 18, 19, 19plus, 19plus V2, 21, 25 (not 25plus), 26plus, 27, 29, 32, 37, 38, 39, 45, 49, 50, and 52-MP.


Recent Field Service Bulletins
- SBE 49 FastCAT CTD (July 2013):
SBE 49s manufactured before May 2013 have a 2.5 mK noise signal when not averaging samples (16 Hz sampling); temperature probe redesign.
- Complete list of Field Service Bulletins.


Current Software (changes in previous 2 months in red)
SeatermV2: 2.4.1
Seaterm: 1.59
SeatermAF: 2.1.4
Deployment Endurance Calculator: 1.6
Seasave V7: 7.23.2
SBE Data Processing: 7.23.2
Seasoft for Waves: 2.0


E-mail Subscription Form
Fill out Sea-Bird Scientific's Subscription Form to receive e-mail notification of new products, significant product changes, software updates, etc.


Career Opportunities
Experienced Mechanical Engineer, Product Manager, Production Manager
Note: Experienced Mechanical Engineer and Product Manager positions will be located at one of Sea-Bird Scientific's locations (Bellevue, WA; Philomath, OR; or Halifax, NS). Production Manager is for Sea-Bird Electronics (Bellevue, WA).


For old announcements, see our Announcement Archive page.

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