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The SBE 46 was discontinued in 2014.
The list below includes (as applicable) the current product brochure, manual, and quick guide; software manual(s); and application notes.

For older SBE 46 product manuals, organized by instrument firmware version, click here.

Title Type Publication Date PDF File
SBE 46 Manual Product Manual Wednesday, January 27, 2010 PDF icon 46_004.pdf
SBE 46 Quick Guide Product Quick Guide Thursday, January 6, 2005 PDF icon 46_referencesheet_003.pdf
AN68: Using USB Ports to Communicate with Sea-Bird Instruments Application Notes Friday, October 19, 2012 PDF icon appnote68Oct12.pdf
Seaterm© is a terminal program for setup and data upload of a wide variety of older Sea-Bird instruments. Seaterm is part of our Seasoft V2 software suite.
Version 1.59 released October 10, 2007
File Seaterm_Win32_V1_59.exe for Windows 7/8/10

Please Note:

Seasoft V2 is a single install bundle with the following stand-alone programs (table below) for use with most of our products (especially SBE numbers products like SBE 37 MicroCATs). While most of our instruments uses one or more of these programs, not all instruments use all programs (eg.  Plot39 which is only used by SBE 39 family) .

Each instrument has the list of applicable programs under the product page's software tab. Each software includes Help files with detailed descriptions for use.

Version 2.2.7 released July 26, 2017
File SeasoftV2.2.7-b19.exe for Windows 7/8/10

Many cables, mount kits, and spare parts can be ordered online.

  • 171887 To computer COM port (from SBE 46 PC/SBE 11), 3 m
  • 80437 To SBE 37 (-SM, -SMP, or -SI), 38, 39, or 50 4-pin XSG connector (from SBE 46 Sensor), 2.4 m, DN 31063
  • 801216 To SBE 45 (from SBE 46 Sensor), 2.4 m, DN 32397
  • 801215 To SBE 11plus Remote Out (from SBE 46 PC/SBE 11), 2.4 m, DN 32396
  • 17015 To AC power supply (U.S. Standard)
  • 801217 To DC power supply, 1.1 m, DN 32398